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Life's Little Horrors

they really get you in the ass sometimes!

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A community completely dedicated to Life's Little Horrors.

Ever had one of those days where it would have been perfect apart from that one little annoyance? Got any biting pet peeves or things that just make you twitch? Is there anything bugging you?

This community is not so much for encouraging us to focus on the negative in our lives, but more as a cathartic means of getting all our little irritations off our chests. Hopefully we'll realise that that's all they are - little irritations - and will be able to look back and laugh at them at some time in the future.

Plus... reading about other people's little horrors might just give us a grim grin, and we can all share a sympathetic, "I know that feeling too!" with our fellow livejournallers.

So post away -- significant or silly, as long as it pissed you off, we want to hear about it!

PS. Focus on the little here, the community's not for page long rants about why you hate the world. *wink*

(moderated by lydialicious and inspired by the beautiful people over at lifespleasures)